A tale for winter essay

From its inception the play has attracted critical attention, although there is little or no consensus about its quality or theme. Some critics now argue that Shakespeare was at his most innovative during his final period, creating new forms and perfecting themes that had shadowed him throughout his career.

A tale for winter essay

What relationships, if any, can you see between the two parts of the play? In your answer you should: The settings in the two halves are very different and different characters drive the plot, for example, in the first half, the action takes place in the court whereas in the second half the scenes are pastoral.

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However, there are many strong links between the two parts. The structure of the play plays an important part in the distinction of the two halves as clearly one era ends, sixteen years pass, and the next begins in a new place.

The tone of the beginning of the second half provides a striking contrast to that of the end of the first half. The exit of Antigonus, pursued by a bear, could be interpreted as comic rather than tragic, however whichever interpretation is chosen, it marks the change in tone.


The stage direction exit pursued by a bear, with its ambiguity, could be said to embody to concept of a tragic-comedy as it could induce either laughter or sorrow as it draws the tragic part of the play to a close, for the comedy to commence.

Once again, the regeneration of what is to come of foretold. The fact that Perdita survives the elements she is exposed to shows her strength and that, as a helpless child, she is not threatened by natural dangers.

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In this play, apart from the death of Antigonus and the shipwreck, it is human behaviour that damages and kills, and the young, like Perdita and Florizel who revive and restore. Polixenes, having been a target and supposed cause of Leontes fury shows similar a trait to his childhood friend.

As well as the character of Polixenes offering a parallel to Leontes in his regretful behaviour, his actions help to propel the plot. The restoration of the second half of the play culminates in the revelation that Hermione is in fact alive, correcting the ultimate sin committed in the first half.

Leontes comments on the realistic appearance of the statue and wonders why she looks as though she has aged. Her apparent death was caused by the irrationality of her husband and she is brought back to life, only when he has grieved and repented.

Perdita and Florizel, as two young lovers, break down the barriers between the kings and give hope with their innocence. The play begins with scenes of peaceful family unity, as does the second half of the play where we see Perdita happy with the Shepherd and Clown, and Florizel in the idyllic pastoral setting of rural Bohemia.

The two halves are however inextricably linked though one is tragic and the other comic. Characters are paralleled and the existence of Perdita links the two settings, but it is the theme of forgiveness and restoration that relates the happy end of the play with the tragic end of the first part.

All is at rest and above all, the wrongs of the first part of the play are righted.- The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare Shakespeare creates many topics for discussion throughout his play, The Winter's Tale.

For many of these themes, multiple viewpoints can be derived from the thoughts, words, and actions of the characters in the play. Essay on Variety in The Merchant's Tale.

The Winter's Tale Critical Essays - heartoftexashop.com

The Winter’s Tale Essay. BACK; Writer’s block can be painful, but we’ll help get you over the hump and build a great outline for your paper.

A tale for winter essay

The Winter’s Tale along with the other three of the last four plays written by Shakespeare, cannot be easily classified into a genre. It has been labelled a ‘tragi-comedy’ because of the happy conclusion following the ruin of family unity and the underlying themes of repentance and forgiveness.

The Winter’s Tale Essay.

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BACK; Writer’s block can be painful, but we’ll help get you over the hump and build a great outline for your paper. In the play The Winter’s Tale, the significance of the title The Winter’s Tale is that it highlights foreshadowing and slight irony by giving the character with the least lines, Maxmillius, one of the most important lines: “A sad tale’s best for winter.

The Winter's Tale Homework Help Questions. Might The Winter's Tale be an allegory of the seasons? This would be a very long, indeed thesis-length, argument to make in full.

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