Biogas purification

Water Innovative water disinfection Water disinfection by chemicals is steadily losing its popularity due to the disinfectants being harmful to human health and the environment. Not even mentioning that in cases of industrial use, traditional methods are often ineffective.

Biogas purification

Biogas purification

Bio-Methane is the cheapest, cleanest and least environmentally impacting alternative fuel. Vehicles Powered by Biomethane produce less carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions.

Biomethane helps improve living standards in rural areas. India imports most of its CNG from the middle eastern countries, which puts a lot of pressure on the trade balance of our country.

What Is Biogas?

Bio-CNG is more affordable for the consumer compared to Petrol and Diesel Bio-CNG is less dangerous than other types of fuels that have Biogas purification combustibility There is enough amount of organic waste for installing more thanBiogas Plants in India.

Biomethanation helps reduce global warming as methane is captured and consumed. Using Biogas in villages helps in the preservation of forests, which are cut down for firewood.

The biogas generated through Biomethanation was earlier treated as a waste product and a nuisance. However, with the help of AtmosPower biogas purification plant, we are able to utilize the gas as fuel in our boilers.

It was a monumental task, which was achieved with the help of the Pune government and the strong effort spearheaded by our team.

We are thankful to have worked with AtmosPower who provided us with the much needed technical support for executing this mammoth task. Biogas production for the creation of CNG was a completely unknown concept to us and we are glad to have discovered it.

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The process of Bio methanation, and eventual biogas purification provides us with 3 benefits. The first being a cleaner environment, the second being energy independence and the third being natural - chemical free - fertilizer.

It was a good decision and we are pleased with the service and support offered by AtmosPower in setting up our Biogas plant. We are thankful to AtmosPower for helping us set up our very own Biogas Plant using waste that was earlier not being utilized effectively. We are producing completely natural, liquid and solid fertilizer along with BioCNG.

Our Biogas Plant is one of the biggest in the country with a capacity of generating up to Units of Electricity per hour. The purified gas is also being served to nearby hotels, restaurants and schools as a replacement for their LPG requirement.

We are thankful to AtmosPower for providing us with their indigenous Biogas Technology that is allowing us to preserve our environment for a better future. The excess gas available after captive consumption is bottled and sent to our second site where it is used as a replacement for commercially bought CNG.

We are glad that we are now making the best use of our Biogas Plant to benefit the environment and our company.

We are happy to recommend this technology to all dairies throughout India. The Biogas plant is equipped with a biogas purification system that allows biogas cleaning and bottling for commercial sale. The plant was commissioned in and it has been serving us well thereafter.

We are extremely thankful to Atmospower for providing us with very good service and support. The bottled biogas is helping us serve the needs of the nearby hotels and restaurants. We are extremely satisfied with the performance of Atmospower as it has considered all our needs while designing the biogas plant.

We have received great after sales service and all our queries are met promptly. The Biogas Plant provided us with the most cost effective solution for Biogas Purification.

The Biogas cleaning process is carried out constantly throughout the day, and we are proud to own one of the few successful biogas purification plants in India. We greatly appreciate the technical input and data they provided as per our requirements.

We were a little uncertain at first because we had not heard about any successful Biogas Plant in India. We are glad to say that our decision proved to be fruitful and we are now generating our biogas and natural fertilizer for commercial sale.

Selling the cleaned Biogas in the commercial market is lucrative as it easily replaces all LPG applications. We had to comment that we are extremely pleased by the product that we have received and all the services along with it.

AtmosPower provided us with all the details from foundation to commissioning and our Biogas plant has been running successfully since without any problems. The natural fertilize produces as a by-product is also serving as our main source of revenue.

Biogas purification

We provide everything you need from the most cost effective equipment to expert consulting and training in order to set up your very own Biogas Upgradation plant.The Magazine for ENERGY EFFICIENCY in Compressed Air, Pneumatics, Blower and Vacuum Systems Biogas Purification April 32 .

Biogas refers to a mixture of different gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Biogas can be produced from raw materials such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste or food is a renewable energy source..

Biogas is produced by anaerobic digestion with methanogen or anaerobic organisms, which . ABSTRACT. This work presents an experimental study of purification of a biogas by removal of its hydrogen sulphide (H 2 S) content.

The H 2 S was removed by means of chemical absorption in an iron-chelated solution catalyzed by Fe/EDTA, which converts H 2 S into elemental sulphur (S). Preparation of the catalyst solution and the results of biogas component absorption in the catalyst solution.

Biogas purification Modes of purification Whatever the valorisation of biogas (heat or electricity), the presence of a very large variety of components in the biogas, of which some, like the hydrogen sulphide have poisonous and corrosive properties which impose the implementation of biogas purification.

Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. Biogas composition. Biogas is a fuel gas, a mixture consisting of 65% methane (CH4) and of 35% CO2. It is a renewable energy resulting from biomass.

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