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They now face serious repercussions, possibly starting with a revolution in France. Nonetheless, overwhelming evidence shows this is exactly what is going on. Here is an article from a science magazine about what these chips are intended for: In other words, it is possible to factually confirm that the son-in-law of the president of the United States is part of a group that is trying to actually turn the following Biblical prophecy into reality:

Business plan drafters pencils

We have covered the North-Eastern arm of Crossrail on various occasions. The most recent of these was to look at the Crossrail launch plan. The western section out to Reading has its own issues and, of course, there was the official decision to extend Crossrail to Reading.

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What often gets overlooked, however, is the three short surface sections on the branch to Abbey Wood. This article attempts to do something to rectify this by looking at the two surface stations that are being built on this branch. Not just a new underground railway The perception of Crossrail is generally of a new underground railway across London connecting existing lines outside the central area to form a cross London railway.

business plan drafters pencils

This is largely true and accurate but two of the surface sections on the Abbey Wood branch provide a contrast to this with one completely new station and one completely rebuilt station including new additional platforms. As a result, there is considerable Crossrail station construction activity here and, of course, because it is on the surface, it can actually be easily seen.

This is the only completely new surface station on Crossrail. Entrance to station showing ticket gates and Excel on the right It is very logical to have Custom House station on the surface.

Firstly, the land was available as the North Woolwich end of the North London Line had closed a few years earlier — the area now being served by new nearby DLR services.

Thirdly, Crossrail utilises the existing but disused Connaught Tunnel under the Royal Docks and it is easier to link into this on the surface than attempt a sub-surface connection.

Fourthly, and no doubt crucially, it is generally hundreds of millions of pounds cheaper to build on the surface than to do so underground. Not a cheapskate station A visit to the vicinity of the Custom House Crossrail station site makes one very aware that building it is far from a minor task.

It will be much more substantial than the former station it will replace. Custom House under construction as viewed from the DLR eastbound platform Custom House Portal Immediately to the west of Custom House station is the eastern portal for the Abbey Wood branch to enter the central underground section of Crossrail.

The tunnel entrance will probably be visible from the platform. Before work could begin on the portal, the DLR track needed to be slewed over to make space.

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Construction of the portal appears to be complete although, not surprisingly, there is not yet any track there. Tunnel portal just to the west of Custom House station What is not known is whether there will be any crossovers located on the ramp leading up from the portal.

Although there are no indications at present that there will be, a full crossover here could potentially be very useful in the event of a problem in the Connaught tunnel or the Crossrail tunnel under the Thames as it would enable trains to terminate at Custom House.

Potential issues with putting a crossover on a ramp so close to the tunnel portal may, however, have limited options here.

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Ramp immediately to the west of Custom House station leading to tunnel entrance and exit The provision of a crossover somewhere in the vicinity of Custom House could be considered important as currently there will be only two crossovers located between Paddington and the eastern portals.

The next crossover to the east would appear to be at Whitechapel. Custom House station A visit to the site makes you fully appreciate the size of this station. Given that this will probably not be anywhere near the busiest station on Crossrail — indeed probably the quietest of the new stations — it makes one aware of the sheer scale of Crossrail stations in general.Per Corey Goode: The Earth Alliance doesn’t think society would survive the revelations and have plan on having most of this tried secretly in Military Tribunals.

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