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I try to use ManageFlitter every day using different keywords related to my niche. I tweet about my niche. I have seen so many freelance writers on Twitter tweeting about nothing but freelance writing. That works for the likes of Carol Tice — at this point in her career, the bulk of her earnings come from helping other freelance writers.

Case 1 twitter

Always favor readability; write generic code but not at the expensive of clarity; take advantage of simple language features that afford great power but avoid the esoteric ones especially in the type system. Above all, be always aware of the trade offs you make.

A sophisticated language requires a complex implementation, and complexity begets complexity: Thus complexity is the tax of sophistication — you must always ensure that its utility exceeds its cost. Formatting The specifics of code formatting — so long as they are practical — are of little consequence.

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By definition style cannot be inherently good or bad and almost everybody differs in personal preference. However the consistent application of the same formatting rules will almost always enhance readability.

A reader already familiar with a particular style does not have to grasp yet another set of local conventions, or decipher yet another corner of the language grammar. This is of particular importance to Scala, as its grammar has a high degree of overlap. One telling example is method invocation: Furthermore, the different styles of method invocations expose different ambiguities in its grammar!

Surely the consistent application of a carefully chosen set of formatting rules will resolve a great deal of ambiguity for both man and machine. We adhere to the Scala style guide plus the following rules. Whitespace Indent by two spaces.

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Try to avoid lines greater than columns in length. Use one blank line between method, class, and object definitions.

Naming Use short names for small scopes is, js and ks are all but expected in loops. Use longer names for larger scopes External APIs should have longer and explanatory names that confer meaning. Use common abbreviations but eschew esoteric ones Everyone knows ok, err or defn whereas sfri is not so common.

Imports This makes it easy to examine visually, and is simple to automate. Use braces when importing several names from a package import com. Qualifiying the names makes is obvious to the reader which variant is being used e.7 Case study: comparing Twitter archives.

One type of text that gets plenty of attention is text shared online via Twitter. In fact, several of the sentiment lexicons used in this book (and commonly used in general) were designed for use with and validated on tweets. Facebook Case Study In November , social media giant, Facebook pushed the limit of online marketing by introducing a controversial marketing ploy, the Beacon tool.

Oct 09,  · Turkish investigators are looking into the case of Mr.

Case 1 twitter

Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist who entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2 and vanished. Follow Carlotta Gall on Twitter. In a separate case, Rivera was charged in March with armed and masked home invasion, armed assault, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, in connection with the stabbing of two.

15 the Northern District of California because (1) defendant Twitter is a corporation that is deemed to Case cv Document 1 Filed 01/16/18 Page 10 of 16 1 Defendant’s misrepresentations were a substantial factor in causing Plaintiffs harm.

2 Based on the representations and subsequent affirming conduct, Plaintiffs expended 5/5(4). Dude on here saying he doesn't go to sex parties cuz he's not GAY GAY, but his avi is his lips covered in nutt and he out here sucking dick in public.

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