Cell phone evolution good and bad

There is a ton of controversy that surrounds that fact that your phone comes GPS track enabled. This means that wherever the phone is, it can be tracked by someone that has the software to do so. While this is helpful in instances of missing kids, criminals, or a lost cell phone, many others feel as though their privacy is being violated with the tracking capabilities on their phone.

Cell phone evolution good and bad

Cell phone evolution good and bad

This post was originally published by our partners at PopSugar Tech. Fast forward to June 29,and the iPhone was born. Now ininnovation is showing no sign of slowing down. Since that fateful phone call four decades ago, mobile phones have evolved dramatically.

Those magical portable technology boxes have become an essential part of interpersonal communication, and their significance will only increase with time. From the rise of SMS to anywhere, anytime Internet connectivity to mobile photography, cell phones have been the catalyst for cultural and technological changes over the past 41 years.

Like a radio, it could transmit voice communication through a push-to-talk system, but it used a public telephone network and had its own telephone number. The classic brick phone had an LED screen and boasted 30 minutes of talk time with eight hours of standby.

It was this phone with which Motorola employee Marty Cooper made the first mobile phone call. The Clamshell The first foray into truly portable devices was the clamshell form factor. Motorola was a pioneer in this front, with the MicroTACwhich looked much like the one Whoopi Goldberg was using in The MicroTAC had a red LED display and a standard button keypad, plus a menu of options including a calculator, hands-free operation, keypad tones, and much, much more.

The Candybar Nokia was at the forefront of this type of device. The candybar phone was named as such, because it was approximately the size and shape of, well, a bar of candy.

The clamshell phone shed some heft and paved the way for the modern flip phone. A satphone connects to orbiting satellites, rather than Earth-bound cellular towers, which means it can make a call from essentially anywhere in the world.

The virtual keyboard, handwriting recognition, and Internet connectivity were cutting-edge technologies during that time. Nokia Series Snake! You either knew someone who had a Nokia Series phone or owned one yourself. Razr Ohhhh, the Razr.

Brick Phone

The slim, sleek, and superpocketable form factor made the Motorola flip phonewhich launched ina surefire hit among the fashion-forward crowd. Thumbs were never the same again. Like, for texting your BFF Jill. Apple founder Steve Jobs launched the all-in-one digital music player, camera 2MP!

Apps Take Over App-enabled smartphones took over the market after the release of the iPhone. It comes with pretty innovative features, including a better camera and free photo storage in the cloud, 3D features, and Firefly technology, which can recognized million items in the real world. The Future The Future Touchscreen phones are getting lighter, wider, and more powerful—but what else can we expect for the future of mobile communication?

Devices will be more resistant to their environments and hopefully get much better battery life as technology advances. More stories from PopSugar Tech:Eventually, cell phone manufacturers began to realize that they could integrate other technologies into their phone and expand its features.

The earliest smartphones let users access email, and use the phone as a fax machine, pager, and address book. Having a cell phone provides a link to the world from almost anywhere.

Out on a deserted highway, a cell phone can usually make an emergency call in case of a car crash. Even if you cancel your cell phone service, an old phone can still call , providing . The Positives Related to GPS Phone Tracking System Before ever making a decision in life, it’s always a good idea to go over the list of pros and cons.

This also implies to GPS tracking apps for your phone. The Evolution of Cell Phone Design Between By WDD Staff | May. 22, Cell phones have evolved immensely since , both in design and function.

The Uproar was the first cell phone to have MP3 music capabilities. If you have half an hour to kill and really want to get into the evolution of the cell phone and its. Mobile phones are both good and bad. On the positive side, they help families stay connected and are helpful in emergencies.

During power outages when traditional phone service is out, mobile phones . In terms of writing a term paper on cell phones, the thesis would depend upon specifically what you plan to write about.

In terms of your introduction and thesis statement.

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