Depend on the schedule

The Nationals went out Saturday night, getting a lead, giving it back and losing without much resistance -- until scoring five exciting, improbable runs in the eighth and stealing Game 2, Such is life in the crucible of managing; everybody spilling nacho sauce on their shirts thinks they can do the job -- but these days it carries with it one important exception: The Nationals front office seems to think the same way as its fans. Each twist of the series carries with it the added knowledge that Baker has no contract for the season, the implicit message being his future is being evaluated not by his stabilizing the organization and winning for the last two years, but by what the Nationals do in the playoffs.

Depend on the schedule

In this example, the horizontal axis represents the different transactions in the schedule D. The vertical axis represents time order of operations.

Schedule D consists of three transactions T1, T2, T3. The schedule describes the actions of the transactions as seen by the DBMS.

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This is an example of a serial schedule, i. Representing the schedule D above by a table rather than a list is just for the convenience of identifying each transaction's operations in a glance. This notation is used throughout the article below. A more common way in the technical literature for representing such schedule is by a list: When this is not satisfactory start and end time-points and possibly other point events are specified rarely.

Real executed operations always have some duration and specified respective times of occurrence of events within them e. In general operations of transactions in a schedule can interleave i.

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Since not always time orders between all operations of all transactions matter and need to be specified, a schedule is, in general, a partial order between operations rather than a total order where order for each pair is determined, as in a list of operations.

Also in the general case each transaction may consist of several processes, and itself be properly represented by a partial order of operations, rather than a total order.

Depend on the schedule

Thus in general a schedule is a partial order of operations, containing embedding the partial orders of all its transactions. Time-order between two operations can be represented by an ordered pair of these operations e. Such a set, a schedule, is a partial order which can be represented by an acyclic directed graph or directed acyclic graph, DAG with operations as nodes and time-order as a directed edge no cycles are allowed since a cycle means that a first any operation on a cycle can be both before and after any another second operation on the cycle, which contradicts our perception of Time.

Depend on the schedule

In many cases a graphical representation of such graph is used to demonstrate a schedule. Since a list of operations and the table notation used in this article always represents a total order between operations, schedules that are not a total order cannot be represented by a list but always can be represented by a DAG.

Types of schedule[ edit ] Serial[ edit ] The transactions are executed non-interleaved see example above i. Serializable[ edit ] A schedule that is equivalent in its outcome to a serial schedule has the serializability property.

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In schedule E, the order in which the actions of the transactions are executed is not the same as in D, but in the end, E gives the same result as D.Depend Products Depend product brand provides the highest quality incontinence products including adjustable underwear, guards for men, adult diapers, depends for men, depends for women, underwear for men, and depends products.

The influence of BTZ on glioma radiosensitivity seems to depend on the treatment fractionation schedule, emphasizing the need to clarify the mechanisms underlying BTZ’s radiosensitizing effects before further clinical trials are initiated.

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For individual taxpayers, Schedule A is used in conjunction with Form to report itemized deductions. If you choose to claim itemized deductions instead of the standard deduction, you would use Schedule A to list your deductions.

Your itemized total is then subtracted from your taxable income.

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