Discussing the tragic fate of chinese women english literature essay

Two courses in literature pre Two courses in literature post Elective Courses Five courses from those offered in the English department 1 2 Additional Requirement Reading knowledge of a foreign language 3 Total Units 45 1 Five elective courses should represent a mixture of survey and specialized courses chosen to guarantee familiarity with a majority of the works on the qualifying exam reading list for doctoral candidates 2 Candidates who can demonstrate unusually strong preparation in the history of English literature may undertake a 40 to 60 page master's thesis.

Discussing the tragic fate of chinese women english literature essay

The bus ride from the Western suburbs was definitely the same: The recent rain may have cleared a little of the incessant Beijing dust, but although it was already autumn it still felt like summer.

Crowds of people surged along the footpaths, out-of-city shoppers walking around in awe of the material prosperity of Beijing and the locals, looked very much at home. Although never really my home during the three years that I was a university student in China [from to ], Beijing still remained for me a place of many associations and memories.

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As a result of all these trips I found that I was more familiar with and comfortable in Beijing than the other cities I had lived in during my stay in China.

The familiar affection with which I spoke of the city, its winding grey lanes and the look of age and mellowing that adorned many of its buildings, both old and new, invited a comment from my friend. She told me that, followingshe had lived with her family in a courtyard house in the very street along which we were walking.

We agreed that the new buildings were the only quick and convenient way of solving the serious housing shortage in Beijing. Nevertheless, these structures and the lack of greenery, parks, adequate transportation and other amenities in the new built-up areas, had created and would continue to create social and environmental problems that planners did not seem to have considered.

Though modern enough in appearance and built in record time, the blocks had obviously been designed with no consideration of the needs of the future inhabitants in mind. Provision of adequate washing facilities in each flat, proximity to transportation, shops, schools, the effect of frequent power cuts on the thirty odd fifteen story monoliths, and many other questions, seemed to have been blissfully ignored.

My friend ended the conversation with the comment that perhaps the planners would do a better job when the slimy mayor, Wu De, was given the boot! We continued along towards the east for a time before Coming to our destination.

Discussing the tragic fate of chinese women english literature essay

The blank, grey street-side wall of the houses gave not a hint as to the inner lives and workings of their inhabitants. These houses, perhaps like their makers, betrayed none of the warmth of life in their calm and impersonal appearance. The battered red gates hung wide open as if yawning after a quiet midday sleep.

After climbing the well-worn steps, we went around the stone screen that guarded against both intruding spirits and eyes.

Discussing the tragic fate of chinese women english literature essay

We had entered the main gate of a compound of courtyards. We stopped at the first door to the left and entered a small court with rooms built on three sides. It was the poet and writer Ai Qing and his wife, Gao Ying. To think of reading a recent poem by him, much less actually to have a chance to meet him, would have been no more than a dream, even a year ago.

Yet now some of his poems were beginning to be published and friends dared to have contact with him again. So much for privacy, I thought; not the most conducive atmosphere for quiet reflection and literary creation.

Their house was the northern room of the courtyard, partitioned by a wall into two high-ceilinged rooms. Ai Qing, his wife and one of their children lived here. The inner room into which we were led was both study and bedroom. An ashtray filled with cigarette butts indicated that we were not the first visitors of the day.

Ai Qing and Gao Ying, Hangzhou, May Although I had known I would be coming to see Ai Qing some days before and had even done some reading to familiarise myself with some of his later writings, I was still a little on edge about the meeting. Three years of Chinese language study in Australia, though leaving me with an adequate grasp of the basics of the language, had done little to nothing for my knowledge of Chinese writing, especially modern and contemporary literature.


Much of my time in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang was spent trying to make up for my ignorance. The only contact we had had with the name Ai Qing in our classes was when the teacher gave a lecture on the Hundred Flowers movement of It was during this mass movement that everyone in China, regardless of political affiliation, was encouraged to express their opinions about the government and the Communist Party.

It was only recently that the stigma of having been one at all began to fade. I sat dumbly, my head swirling with questions. Fortunately my friend held up our end of the conversation as tea, cigarettes and sweet melon hamigua from Xinjiang were offered.

Their present house, though adequate for their needs, was becoming inconvenient with the increasing number of visitors the old poet was receiving. As I settled into a Peony cigarette, I asked the poet where he and his family had been for the last twenty years.Essay: Oedipus the King: Free Will vs Fate The events in Oedipus the King, written by Sophocles, show an underlying relationship of man’s free will existing within the cosmic order or fate which the Greeks believed guided the universe in a harmonious purpose.


Selected Stories of Lu Hsun By Lu Hsun [The True Story of Ah Q, and Other Stories (written )] [Tim Gallaher's Lu Xun site presents excellent information on the author, was not only a great thinker and political commentator but the founder of modern Chinese literature.

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Essay on Women's Role in Literature - Women's Role in Literature In many works of Literature women play a controversial role, one in which their actions are the cause of conflict in many situations.

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Similarly, the deaths of Romeo and Juliet are tragic but also bring new life to Verona. The Friar's own role in the play contains this ambiguity.

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