Easiest topics to write about

So how can you make the process simpler for yourself? If you have a company secretarial role, you will be very familiar with the board paper process, but you may need to guide those new to writing board papers. Even if you are experienced at writing papers, you may have experienced having to rewrite your paper several times to satisfy your colleagues.

Easiest topics to write about

Pick the right place, however, and moving overseas can be more affordable and easier than you probably imagine. As happy expats prove: To make a move painless, take this advice: Start by choosing somewhere close to home, within a few hours of the States—that makes hopping back to visit with family and friends a cinch.

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Seek out a community where an expat population already exists—that provides a pool of ready-made friends where language is no barrier to fun and fitting in. Gravitate toward a locale where the daily costs of living are much lower than in the U.

That can allow you to improve your quality of life and enjoy an adventure…often for less than it would cost to stay home. In many ways, Mexico today is like the U. With excellent highways, sleek airports, and dozens of direct flights daily. To live in Mexico long-term you can apply immediately for a permanent resident visa.

The permanent resident visa is open-ended—there is no expiration date. It also gives you the right to work. Some are working, some live in Mexico part-time…and many have moved there to enjoy their retirement years.

The current exchange rate between the U. But Mexico has always been a place you can live the high life for a lot less. Panama Panama uses the U. Panama sets the standard for flexible, friendly residence options.

The Friendly Nations Visa opens the door for American professionals and entrepreneurs of any age. Thanks to the Panama Canal and close U. Panamanians are welcoming to newcomers and well-known for their interest in learning about new cultures and ways of life.

Costa Rica Costa Rica has been pulling in American expats for more than 30 years.

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This is a way of life in Costa Rica …an ethos focused on calm, easy-going living. As in Panama, Costa Rica offers a retirement visa program, also known as the Pensionado. That is for all costs, including housing, transportation, medical care, utilities, food, and entertainment.

Real estate, whether you rent or buy, is affordable in Costa Rica too, with North American-style homes in great locations reasonably priced. Belize Belize is the sort of place you can be Jacques Cousteau in the morning—diving on the Meso-American Reef—and Indiana Jones in the afternoon—exploring a Maya cave in the jungles.

But for many expats, the best thing about this small Caribbean country of less thanpeople is relaxing in a hammock under a coconut palm with a frosty beer. You must live in Belize for one year before applying for permanent residence.

To do this, enter the country on a tourist visa and renew it every 30 days. After spending 50 consecutive weeks in Belize you can apply for residence. Just continue to renew your tourist visa every 30 days until residence is granted. QRPs are not allowed to work for a Belizean company.

But they can work on line for an offshore business.

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English is the official language of Belize. After all, this is a British Commonwealth country. Think sugar-sand beaches, inviting bays, and a lush mountainous interior.

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easiest topics to write about

And this time Bob Miller is helping you . Descriptive essays can be the easiest essays to write, once you come up with a good topic. Here is some bits of advice and a nice long list of great descriptive essay topics to help and inspire. IL Magazine: Discover the Greatest Retirement Town +6 More SUBSCRIBE NOW AND SAVE 35% about subscribing to International Living Magazine.

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