Economic value added research papers

Download this Term Paper in word format. However, EVA is neither as perfect as claimed by its advocates, nor is it the only performance measure that suggests a path to a superior stock return" emphasis added p.

Economic value added research papers

In the time past, the conflicts were largely between employers and employees. However, since the Fourth However, since the Fourth Republic a new trend has emerged that involves state governments and labour union in the industry.

It must be said that the conflicts were a product of the reaction of the union against social, economic and political policies of the government. This new trend is best demonstrated in Lagos state, where the attempt by the state government to manage traffic led to clashes of interest between the state government and member of the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers NUPENG.

The work discussed the nature of the conflict, elaborated on the institutional process for industrial conflict resolution, explored how the conflict was managed, examined the role of bad governance in the conflict, discussed the impact and implication of the conflict and offers suggestion on how to improve conflict management in this particular case and in general.

The work interviewed relevant authorities and individuals in the conflict: Publications such as a newspapers, journals and books were also consulted. The collected data from the respondents and publications were analysed descriptively using Chi-Square Method and Charts.

Economic value added research papers

The work argues that bad governance is the root of the conflict as successive government abandoned the infrastructural need of the nation in the sector which culminated in the dependency on imported refined crude oil products.

This created it own problem of managing traffic as the major importation outlet is in Lagos and there is lack of parking lots to accommodate the inflows of unprecedented tanker vehicles.

Economic value added research papers

Also, lack of communication which brews mistrust, lack of confidence and end up in conflict played a part.Economic Value Added (EVA) is basically an estimate of a company’s economic profit.

It is known to focus on managerial effectiveness in a year which represents the residual income that is in excess after taking out the cost of all capital not considering the charge for equity capital.

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Economic value added (EVA) has been introduced as a very effective performance measurement and strategic assessment tool. One of the reasons why EVA is such a powerful instrument is that it is linked to market value added (MVA), which is the definite indicator of a company’s wealth creation.

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ExpertIdeasBot , 25 August (UTC) External links modified. View Economic Value Added (EVA®) Analysis Research Papers on for free. View Value Added Tax in Nigeria Research Papers on for free. Comparing Traditional and Economic Performance Measures for Creating Shareholder’s Value: a Perspective from Malaysia Abstract This study investigates the importance of economic value added for the shareholders wealth maximization.

Economic value added (EVA) is a value based performance International Journal of Academic Research in.

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