Four loves

Fittingly, the First British edition of C. In this volume, Lewis categorizes love into four distinct types: In early reviews of The Four Loves, Lewis was praised for his erudite thinking and compelling articulation of the four types of love.

Four loves

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Four loves

Saturday, November 30, C. Lewis' "The Four Loves". There are some really marvelous insights and passages in the treatise. In discussing "Affection" he deals with some potential problems with the emotion. Affection turned into "god" will turn sour on us. Affection produces happiness if--and only if--there is common sense and give and take and 'decency'.

In other words, only if something more, Four loves other, than Affection is added. The mere feeling is not enough. You need 'common sense', that is, reason. That is the whole point.

If we try to live by Affection alone, affection will 'go bad on us'. How bad, I believe we seldom recognize. Can Mrs fidget really have been quite unaware of the countless frustrations and miseries she inflicted on her family?

That is the first motive. Fidget--in which they begged her to send the washing out, enabled her to feel ill-used, therefore, to have a continual grievance, to enjoy the pleasures of resentment.

If anyone says he does not know those pleasures, he is a liar or a saint. But then a love like Mrs fidget's contains a good deal of hatred. It was of erotic love that the Roman poet said, 'I love and hate,' but other kinds of love admit the same mixture.

They carry in them the seeds of hatred. If Affection is made the absolute sovereign of a human life the seeds will germinate. Love, having become a god, becomes a demon. This person recently said: But now, no one is good enough.

I am tempted toward this also, in getting older, perhaps uglier, perhaps more useless, perhaps ignored, perhaps more easily injured But this time can also be used differently.

We need to look up and out. Do whatever useful things and enjoyable things we can find to do, and not expect "Affection" in return. Just do them and leave the rest to God.Apr 06,  · After our little Easter weekend break, today I'm returning the daily readings back to The Four Loves.

To be honest, this is not striking me as Lewis at his Ken Symes. Jul 21,  · Title: Marriage Sermon – The Four Loves Pray that this message will be a great blessing to your marriage.

There was a saying that says, “Love makes the world go around”. The Greek language distinguishes at least four different ways as to how the word love is used.

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Ancient Greek has four distinct words for love: agápe, éros, philía, and heartoftexashop.comr, as with other languages, it has been difficult to separate the meanings of these words when used outside their respective contexts. May 06,  · In The Four Loves, a guide to human and divine representations of love, his writing feels very Christian, very British, very scholarly, and very masculine, because he was a Christian, an Englishman, and an Oxford professor who spent most of his life surrounded by all-male Welcome to.

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Popular Song Lyrics. Billboard Hot Upcoming Lyrics. Recently Added. Top Lyrics of In The Four Loves, C.S. Lewis explores the four kinds of human love in one of his most famous works of nonfiction.

He identifies these kinds of love as affection, the most basic form; friendship, the rarest and perhaps most insightful; eros, passionate love; and charity, the love of God.

Mere C.S. Lewis: Eros (3rd of the Four Loves)