How vsat network works

The Toughsat is manufactured by Ground Control in the U. Many public agencies have installed the Toughsat on a variety of vehicles for both high-speed Internet and VoIP Phone service to create a command post in minutes.

How vsat network works

How vsat network works

How Does Satellite Internet Work? The orbiting satellite transmits and receives its information to a location on Earth called the Network Operations Center or NOC pronounced "knock". The NOC itself is connected to the Internet or private networkso all communication made from a satellite dish to the orbiting satellite will flow through the NOC before it reached the Internet.

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This simple diagram above shows how data moves through a satellite network. Data communication via satellite is not much different than someone using a land based data provider, at least from the standpoint of the Internet user. The key to remember is that once the satellite system is configured by the installer, satellite service acts nearly identically as any other ISPs and may be configured as such.

How vsat network works slight difference of satellite service is described here.

How does a VSAT Network work

What is a Geostationary Satellite? There is a location in space where you can place a satellite in orbit so that from the ground, the satellite appears stationary. What is happening is that the satellite is actually orbiting the Earth at the same speed the Earth is rotating.

The satellite makes a complete orbit around the Earth in 24 hours, or exactly one day. Geostationary satellites are only located at 22, miles directly above the Earth's equator and nowhere else.

There are degrees of longitude readings for Earth degrees is a full circle. If one knows the longitude of a satellite, one knows where the satellite is located in the sky because all Geostationary satellites are always located above the equator or zero latitude. To further confuse things, longitude is divided into two halves of West Hemisphere and East Hemisphere.

A satellite orbiting over Malaysia that services Asia and Australia may have the orbital slot of Satellite longitudes help installers locate where to point a satellite dish.

It also helps in finding obstacles from an installation location and the satellite. Satellite Look Angle Any obstacle such as a tree or mountain will interfere with a satellite signal. It is important that there are no obstacles between the installation location of the satellite dish and the orbiting satellite.

In the industry, we call this a clear "line-of-sight" to the satellite. Fortunately, finding if there is clear line of sight is is simplified by using a Look Angle Calculator.

All that is needed is a current address anywhere in the worldand the orbital Longitude of the satellite see description of orbital longitude above. Plug these two details in, and the calculator will give you a compass heading of the satellite, and the degrees up from the horizon it is located, and a cool overhead picture of the installation location including a line showing the direction of the satellite.

Satellite Latency The one sometimes noticeable difference that differentiates satellite service from other land based ISPs is something called "Latency", a term commonly used in the satellite world. Latency simply refers to how long it takes a single piece of information to make a round trip back and forth over a satellite connection.

Latency could also be called "Ping Time". Since data over satellite travels at the speed of light, and light speed ismiles per second, and the orbiting satellite is 22, miles above earth, and must travel that distance 4 times computer to satellite Who wants to pull a trigger, and wait half a second for the gun to go off?

It is important to know if satellite latency will affect the way you will use the Internet. Ground Control iDirect services have a latency time between to milliseconds 0. This is not true. A one Megabyte file will transfer just as quick over a 5 Mbps Megabits per second satellite connection as it does over a 5 Mbps terrestrial connection.

The only difference is that the satellite connection takes a half second to begin the file transfer, which is insignificant. It simply means what the satellite ISP is committed in guaranteeing your lowest speed.

Normally CIR is 1: CIR should not be confused with Contention Ratios described next. Contention Ratios Contention Ratios are simply the number of subscribers that can share your connection at any given point in time. Contention ratios of consumer satellite Internet services are up to to 1 written as Ground Control supports premium access and never has a contention ratio above 20 to 1 or Contention Ratios are not CIRs Committed Information Rates as speeds are not guaranteed as it is impossible to know if all other subscribers sharing the channel are not simultaneous downloading a data intensive video file, which would slow a connection for all of the users.

Satellite Footprint The footprint of a satellite shows the location that a satellite dish may be located to communicate with the satellite.Satellite Internet access is Internet access provided through communications satellites. Modern consumer grade satellite Internet service is typically provided to individual users through geostationary satellites that can offer relatively high data speeds, [2] with newer satellites using K a band to achieve downstream data speeds up to Mbps.

A VSAT network may serve as one of these links and hence would have to interface properly with the network layer VSAT Networks for Interactive Applications Popular examples of the network layer are the IP that is employed in the majority of router-based private networks and ATM.

Partner Network SWIFTTALK works with resellers and channel partners to deliver customer solutions. We understand that in today's market you need to be able to offer more than your competitors by expanding your service offering.

Satellites have brought Internet access to places where IP communications seemed impossible.

How it works: Satellite Internet access via two way dish terminal

In this section, we explain how satellite Internet works. 24 | BROADBAND PROPERTIES | | MARCH FEATURE ARTICLE MARCH | | BROADBAND PROPERTIES | 25 Introduction To VSAT Technology By Greg Heifner Orbital Data Net, Inc.

Orbital Data Net specializes in the design and construction. Satellites have brought Internet access to places where IP communications seemed impossible. In this section, we explain how satellite Internet works.

You will understand how bytes of information or simply a mouse click travels all the way from your computer to the satellite, to our NOC and back.

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