Lifespan development paper

This is my work from the UoP online. I have done several papers but have not kept them all. If you stumble across these pages and find them useful leave a comment. Lifespan development is the different stages a person passes through as he or she develops.

Lifespan development paper

Lifespan Development — Essay Sample The person that I have chosen for this project is a forty-two-year-old Caucasian male. He was the first of three children born to a young couple in their early 20s in the late s. His brother was born two years later.

His sister was born five years after that.

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During infancy stage of his development, he was easy going and easy to pacify. He seemed very interested and curious about the world around him during this stage. During the early childhood stage of his development, he was very quiet and very adventurous. He grew up in a small town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The town at that time had abundant jobs. Even though most of the homes at that time in the area did not have running water, the quality of life was still great relative to other areas at the time because the people there helped one another in time of need. Also, the crime rate was very low.

In the s in the area where the interviewee and his family lived, there was no adequate education about the proper steps needed to prepare for birth.

Lifespan development paper

Therefore, the mother of the child relied on folklore to prepare for the birth of her baby. Because of the lack of education and awareness on the topic of pregnancy, most people during that time did not go to the doctor when they suspected a pregnancy.

She was two or three months pregnant before she and the doctor finally determined that she Lifespan development paper pregnant. However, the family of the interviewee did take the initiative to move into a home with running water in preparation for the birth.

In the area they lived in during the s, there were no readily available prenatal vitamins to take. There were also no Lamaze classes that help promote good nutrition and a safe pregnancy during that time where they lived About Lamaze International, The classification of the five basic food groups were not developed at that time, it was before the first food pyramid came out Greene, Thus, information on the required daily intake of nutrition and vitamins were not readily available to the general public.

Still, when it came to nutrition the mother did try to stay healthy by eating what she believed to be a healthy diet. She also made sure she ate a well balanced prenatal diet once she realized her pregnancy.

In the early part of s, shortly before her pregnancy, teratogens were found to cause birth defects, particularly if taken during the first trimester Gormly, During the pregnancy, the mother did not experience any abnormal stress or anxiety.

She is reported to have been playing cards and eating a bag of potato chips when she went into labor. She recalled going into labor and starting to vomit, then rushing to the hospital. When she arrived at the hospital her blood pressure was dangerously high, so they gave her general anesthetic gas to help her relax in an attempt to lower her blood pressure.

She had an allergic reaction to the anesthetic and went into a semi-coma. Because she was not conscious, she was not able to push the baby out naturally, thus resulting in the need for doctors to use forceps to pull the baby out for a safe delivery.

The use of the forceps caused bruises on his face and head. It also pinched some nerves around the fontal cortex of his brain.

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The labor was particularly short for a first baby. From labor to birth was only six hours. He also was born with one eye brown and one eye blue. This is a healthy weight and length for a newborn Your pregnancy, According to research, relaxation is the key to having a baby without having to use any type of anesthetic for the pain during labor Relaxation Techniques, Even though complications using anesthetics are rare, there are several risks involved.

Using mechanical devices such as forceps may involve other issues with the safety of the baby and the mother. For the mother, issues may include excessive loss of blood or bleeding from the cuts in the cervix or vagina; these could lead to infection. For the baby, issues with using forceps may include bruises on the face and head, bone fractures, brain damage, and even possibly loss of life.

Research has proven that infants may not seem to respond much to things occurring around them, although they absorb everything like a sponge Gormly, Speaking to babies not only increases cognitive activity, it also formulates attachments.

The interviewee started walking and crawling around the same age his siblings did, which was around nine months old.In this paper, I will discuss the various factors that affect the physical, cognitive, social, moral, and personality development of adolescents. Adolescence is a time of rapid physical growth which is illustrated by the drastic growth spurt in the height, weight and skeletal muscles.

Lifespan Development and Personality Paper There are many factors that affect the physical, cognitive, social, moral, and personality development in an adolescent. Adolescence, as defined in the Webster dictionary, is the transition period from childhood to adulthood.

Lifespan Development and Personality Paper Introduction - Lifespan Development Development involves movement from one state to another with the element being change. From the moment we are first conceived, to the day we die, we are constantly changing and developing.

Lifespan perspective is a key to understanding this and is something a person must do basically "lifelong". Life development is basically ones understanding of the physical, mental, and social changes a person undergoes during the period of their life. Life Span Development Reflective Paper Introduction Brenda Watson Leadership Coaching.

When breaking down the life span into stages such as childhood, adulthood, and late adulthood; the break down seeks to bring unity to the life of human being, and ultimately helps us to understand the development of a person.

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Lifespan development paper

Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your lifespan development essay. Essay Paper #: Lifespan development is one of the major research areas in the field of psychology.

Theories about lifespan development vary considerably, with some.

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