Matthew bourne

He is the protagonist of the Bourne series of novelsas well as the film adaptationsand video game. In the television moviehe is portrayed by Richard Chamberlainwhile in the recent films he is portrayed by Matt Damon. His father was killed in Beirut while working as a CIA station chief. Webb joined the U.

Matthew bourne

Synopsis[ edit ] This synopsis is derived from programme notes and the synopsis provided on the DVD. Act One[ edit ] In the prologue, the Prince, as a child, is awakened by a nightmare of a swan. The Prince's mother comes in to comfort him, but becoming nervous by the situation's intimacy, leaves.

Scene One opens with the Prince being prepared for a day of official duties by chambermaids and valets. In Scene Two, arrayed in his full dress uniformthe Prince becomes bored by a boat christening, a ribbon cutting, and other official tasks.

His mother prods him to keep up appearances, even as she devotes more attention to the soldiers than she does to him. During this scene, there is a transition from the child actor playing the young Prince to the identically-dressed adult dancer who portrays the grown Prince.

This now-adult Prince is introduced to a girl called "the Girlfriend". Although the girl seems foisted on him by von Rothbart, the Private Secretary[3] the Prince prefers her to his duty-bound life. In Scene Three, the Queen, one of her admiring soldiers, the Private Secretary, the Prince, and the Girlfriend all appear in a theatre box, where they watch a ballet that is staged for the actual audience as well as for the characters.

The ballet's backdrop from a design for Castle Falkenstein by Christian Jankornate costumes, and acting parody the romantic ballets of which the original Swan Lake was an example. The Girlfriend's responses to the dance, and her eventual dropping her purse from the royal box, annoy the Queen and von Rothbart.

Scene Four finds the Prince drinking in his private chambers in front of a mirror, to his mother's shock. A nearly violent pas de deux ensues in which he pleads for her attention and love, while she rebukes him.

Here is where the choreography veers from classical ballet, with jazz forms and modern dance dominating. The Prince gets into a fight with sailors at the bar, and he is thrown out into the street. In Scene Seven, he sees the Girlfriend being paid off by von Rothbart, and he is totally shattered to discover that the only person who appeared to love him is a fake.

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This increases his desperation and he vows to kill himself. While sitting in the street at the end of Scene Seven the Prince imagines a group of swans flying towards him but the vision disappears. It is the first flash of the Prince's descent into mental turmoil.

Act Two[ edit ] Distraught and disappointed that he will never find affection, the Prince writes a suicide note and goes to throw himself into a lake at a public park inhabited by swans.

He is saved by a vision in which he encounters the lead Swan, who had appeared to him in his dreams. Initially rejected by the lead Swan, the Prince is gradually accepted and eventually taken into his arms, realizing what the Prince now knows he always desired.

The Prince is elated and abandons his plan to kill himself. This Act contains the most talked-about element of the ballet in which bare-chested, male dancers play the swans, and it contains a very sensual pas de deux between the lead Swan and the Prince.

Act Three[ edit ] Scene One begins with princesses from various European nations and their escorts arriving at the palace gates for a grand ball.

Matthew bourne

The Girlfriend sneaks in amongst them. It commences with the arrival of the Queen and the Prince and some formal dancing, but quickly degenerates into a debauched party of drinking and lascivious come-ons.

Into this arrives the charismatic and sexually aggressive son of von Rothbart, [4] the Private Secretary, in black leather pants, who intensifies the sexual tension even further by flirting with every woman present, including the Queen.

Each woman finds herself drawn to him and actively participates in the mutual, sometimes lewd, flirtation.Retaining the iconic elements of the original production loved by millions around the world, Matthew Bourne and award-winning designers Lez Brotherston (Set & Costumes) and Paule Constable (Lighting) create an exciting re-imagining of the classic production.

Bourne, Lincolnshire [Bibliography] Up to A parliamentary report of recorded parish workhouses in operation in Bourn (for up to 44 inmates) and Deeping St James (12 inmates).

History Early life (films) Jason Bourne was born as David Webb on September 13, , in Nixa, Missouri, to Mary and Richard Webb. His father was killed in Beirut while working as a CIA station chief. The Bourne Legacy () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Retaining the iconic elements of the original production loved by millions around the world, Matthew Bourne and award-winning designers Lez Brotherston (Set & Costumes) and Paule Constable (Lighting) will create an exciting reimagining of the classic production.

Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella is a thrilling and evocative love story set in London during the Second World War. The internationally acclaimed choreographer’s interpretation of the classic fairy tale has, at its heart, a true war-time romance.

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