Natalie munroes blog and freedom of speech

The old URL http: Saturday, February 12, Bloggate- Day 1: My alarm rang as normal and I hit snooze as normal.

Natalie munroes blog and freedom of speech

Report Who is at Fault? The blog was intended for her own personal use, she did not name anyone specificly, nor did she identify the school or district. Was the school district within its rights to suspend her or is she protected under the first amendment rights, Freedom of Speech? Others feel that she is just preoccupied with complaining about her students when she should be busy educating them.

Regardless of the position one takes, a conversation has begun about honesty in education. Teacher bashing has become the sport of politicians, parents and media. Responsibility for learning has been completely removed from the shoulders of those who should bear it- the students.

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Technology is in part to blame, but so is the entire structure of public education. And so are the parents. Teachers see kids for seven hours out of a twenty four hour day. We can only control what we do in the classroom and yet somehow we have been made responsible for the behavior, esteem, education, health and well being of every kid that comes into our class.

As a colleague of mine recently stated, schools have moved from an educational position to a social welfare one.

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I recently mentioned that teaching is one of the hardest professions to someone not in the field. No race to the top or leaving no child left behind is going to solve the problems until all parties- schools, districts, states, parents and media- are willing to take a honest look at the issues and come up with real, workable solutions to create a successful educational environment for all instead of laying all the blame at the feet of teachers.Although most of Munroe’s 84 blog entries had nothing at all to do with her work, the majority said Munroe’s speech was sufficiently disruptive to the school to diminish any legitimate interest in its expression.

Categories CULTURE, DISPATCHES, EMPLOYERS, FEDERAL Tags Freedom of Speech, Natalie Munroe, public employees Leave a. Blogging Teacher Had a Free-Speech Right to Criticize Lazy Kids, Her Lawyer Says Steven Rovner represents Natalie Munroe, and he will consider legal action if Munroe is fired.

The blog is. Natalie Munroe v. Central Bucks School District, 3rd Cir. () While it recognized that freedom of speech constitutes an indispensable condition of nearly every other Documents Similar To Natalie Munroe v.

Natalie munroes blog and freedom of speech

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Blogging Teacher Had a Free-Speech Right to Criticize Lazy Kids, Her Lawyer Says

BY DERON DALTON ANCHOR JENNY MECKLES You're watching multisource U S news analysis from Newsy Teacher Natalie Munroe’s blogging past seems to have caught up with her. A year ago. Tag Archives: First Amendment The Speech Act: Rules Regarding Americans Busted For Defamation In Canada. Teacher Natalie Munroe’s Blog: Catalyst for the First Amendment Lawsuit the Arizona Legislature angered First Amendment advocates and freedom-loving netizens.

Poof. No more blog. And no more Ms. Munroe. She’s been suspended, with pay, but her superintendent has indicated to the press that she may be fired. Last month (Feb., ), this story went national, pitting freedom of speech advocates against parents and students everywhere who want to have their Facebook and eat it too.

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