Tea farming business plan

Some of these are huge — the Lugu one, for example, attracts over 6, samples per competition twice a year. Smaller ones get hundreds or a thousand entry. Every member of the association could enter a certain number of samples often 10 per competition.

Tea farming business plan

Or you need a sample tea farming business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. For those who love to have a cup of tea- camellia sinensis every now and then, you would agree that it can be a relief; this is especially if you have been wanting to relax.

The mild caffeine in it sure helps the mind relax as it helps one get out of a mental chaotic state. What about the antioxidant effect it has? That indeed can be therapeutic too. If you have been tinkering with growing tea, then truth is that tea farms can be a really wonderful tea farming business plan.

Some folks, who do not have the wherewithal to start out with a tea farm, opt to grow camellia sinensis-black tea in a pot. This is because tea can possibly grow anywhere with the right whether conditions. However, for those looking up to this business to be a very profitable one, that might not go down well.

tea farming business plan

There are several steps that you must take if starting to grow tea in uttermost on your mind. This article proposes to show you all these and more.

Bottom-line is that you must strictly adhere to the rules here so that you can start on the right footing. Here are the tips needed to start out well and grow within record time. Research The role research plays in all projects cannot be watered down.

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Truth is that you have got to allocate adequate time to research and learn a whole lot about this type of business. There are a myriad of sites on the internet that can serve this purpose. You may also consider reading some books either from the local library near you or purchasing some at the book shop.

Get Trained The next needful step to take would be to get really trained. How will you go about this? You are sure to get some vital hands —on lessons on how to make your farm worth the while.

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Determine What Type of tea to Grow Next, you have got to determine the types of tea you would want to grow. It is true that some folks do not know the difference between the black tea- camellia sinensis and herbal teas. So, it is for that reason that you would need to first learn the difference tea there are, and the decipher which to grow.Nigeria has a multi-billion Naira opportunity in its spice farming industry that remains untapped and continues to go unnoticed by thousands of prospective entrepreneurs looking to venture into the agricultural industry.

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