World chess championship

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World chess championship

InMorphy traveled overseas to play against the finest competition that Europe had to offer. Morphy annihilated the opposition, including the German attacking genius Adolf Anderssenwho was widely regarded as the strongest player of the day.

Morphy had proven himself in every way a World Chess Champion. After his European tour, Morphy returned to the states, and announced his retirement from chess. Morphy's retirement in left a vacuum in the chess world, and the simple question, "Who is the best?

Anderssen was a likely choice, but it wasn't long before people turned their attention to an Austrian chess sensation named Wilhelm Steinitzwhose daring attacking style had earned him the nickname "The Austrian Morphy". When Steinitz defeated Anderssen inSteinitz was widely regarded as the world's best, and would be for decades to come.

In the s, a Polish immigrant to the United Kingdom named Johannes Zukertort was gaining worldwide attention.

World chess championship

By the s many believed that he had surpassed Steinitz, which was further confirmed when Zukertort won the London tournament ofdefeating nearly every leading player in the world, finishing three points above second-place Steinitz.

The stage was finally set for the first official World Chess Championship. So who was better, really? In these two masters settled the question in the only acceptable way: Although not held under the aegis of any official organization, most chess historians regard the Steinitz-Zukertort match as the first official World Chess Championship, because it started a grand tradition.

This tradition is characterized by several components, chief among which are: The title is determined by a match of sufficient length to demonstrate a superiority of one player over the other. The winner of the match becomes heir to the title of World Chess Champion, the highest title there is.

The title, although intangible, is treated for all purposes like a physical object which may be possessed by only one person at a time. The reigning champion can only relinquish the title by losing or forfeiting a subsequent match to a competitor, or by retiring, or by death.

From time to time, the reigning champion is obligated to defend his title against the strongest challengers. Starting with Steinitz, the title of World Chess Champion has been handed down through the generations from one player to another, like an Olympic torch.

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InAlexander Alekhine passed away, and forced the chess world to resolve a novel problem: Due to this troublesome interregnum, a French chess organization founded ininactive sincesuddenly rocketed to prominence.

This created a split title, in which Kasparov played title defense matches under a newly created organization called the PCA Professional Chess Associationwhile FIDE continued to manage a World Championship cycle that was stripped of legitimacy in the eyes of most chess fans.

The uncomfortable situation of a split title persisted for 13 years, during which time Kasparov lost a title defense to Vladimir Kramnik.

The following list is an index of all official World Chess Championships. Click on a tournament for a crosstable, a short historical article, a chronological list of all the games, and a discussion forum.It'd been more than 30 years since Tolland girls soccer won a state title but on Sunday, behind the efforts of the same core of seniors who've played together since grade school, the Eagles knocked off Farmington, , to win the Class L championship.

Wesley So, left, and Fabiano Caruana, right, have a shot to represent the U.S.

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in the World Chess Championship. GETTY IMAGES. World Chess Championship Magnus Carlsen T he unveiling of a logo for a big sporting contest is meant to be a grand occasion that builds up a flurry of excitement.

The 46th Annual World Open was held from July , at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Market St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The final standings, with prizes, is now posted for all sections. Nov 20,  · The FIDE World Chess Championship is a game match taking place between Norwegian World Champion Magnus Carlsen and his US challenger Fabiano Caruana.

The match starts in The College, London on November 9th and will be won . LONDON – In the World Chess Championship, everything is a square when reigning champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger Fabiano Caruana shared the chocolates in each of the first four games of their twelve-game match in was an amazing start, with two classic games and two more exciting encounters, incredible historical parallels, some great post-game quotes, and an inexplicable.

FIDE World Chess Cup Tbilisi Georgia – FIDE World Chess Cup Tbilisi Georgia