Writefix ielts writing answer

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Writefix ielts writing answer

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Sarabjit Mathon March 24, at 3: It really helped me. I Just got my result and i have achieved 8 band overall L-8, R- 7. I found your website really helpful, especially for writing. Tips given by you were fantastic and worth to follow.

I wish everyone good luck for there exam. Lavinia April 11, at 6: Could you recommend me some websites with good articles that would help me out? I would be very grateful. Reply Dominic Cole July 26, at 9: Try The Guardian — it is certainly the best online newspaper in the UK.

Reply Dominic Cole November 12, at 3: If you have words then ideas normally follow. I almost always exceed the word limit. Reply Dominic Cole July 14, at 5: Andrea June 27, at My vocabulary is fine, and most of my grammar correct but it seems that I always end up with a weird essay. Would you give me some advice?

Thanks Reply Dominic Cole July 5, at 2: One suggestion is to focus on writing paragraphs first and not a complete essay.

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This is something that works well with many of my personal students. The idea is to focus on the skills of writing rather than trying to produce an essay. If you can write one paragraph, you can write two, if you write two then with an intro and a conclusion, you can write an essay.

writefix ielts writing answer

Reply Dominic Cole July 12, at 7: I am now back at work on the site after having taken some time off. I am currently sorting out one or two small technical problems with the site, but from the beginning of August I intend to posting lots of new material on writing. The reading may take a little more time to put together.

Sara July 15, at 1: I have no words to express my happiness. I got this in my second attempt which wouldnt have been possible without you.

You are doing great service of helping students like us. The best teacher I ever had who could simply things so easier. I followed each and every step of your lessons.

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Thank you so much for recovering me from this obstacle to continue my medical postgraduation. I am glad I found your website for my exam preparation.

My hearty wishes for all those who are preparing for the exams. Dominic Cole July 15, at 9: Mohamed August 16, at 8: I do myself learned a lot from you. I already asked this question somewhere in this site, but unfortunately I dont know where it is.Essay Evaluation and Answer Analysis for the given IELTS Writing task question Objective- Band- 7.

Has addressed all parts of the task. Has presented a clear position throughout the response. The essay has adequate number of paragraphs including a introduction and a conclusion. – Answer Strategies: October 1, There is a lot of confusion about the types of essay questions for Task 2 of the IELTS exam, and the correct structure for answering these.

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IELTS Writing Answer Sheet – TASK 1 * 2 * Do not write below this line /2 TASK 1 Candidate Name Centre Number Test date Module (shade one box): Academic General Training Candidate Number D D M M YYY Y.

Do not write below this line OFFICIAL USE ONLY Candidate Number: Candidate Number. In this lesson I give you a quick introduction to one way to write topic sentences for IELTS essays.

First of all I talk you through what they are and what they .

Ten top IELTS writing tips-